Categories of Membership

Collective (societies or groups)

Individual members

Honorary Members

Benefits of Membership

ISP members have the right to:

  • Send voting delegates to the General Assembly (GA). GAs are held at the end of each International Congress. The GA is the constitutionally established meeting at which Officers and Council members are elected, bids for hosting International Congresses are presented and chosen, and at which other issues of importance are discussed and decided.
  • Make proposals for the scientific programme of the next International Congress. Proposals may include nominations for plenary or named lectures, suggestions for workshops, suggestions for symposia that are part of the main Congress, and suggestions for satellite symposia.
  • Receive advice and help from IPS with respect to the formation of national and regional associations of pathophysiologists. The IPS Membership Committee is actively contacting pathophysiological scientists in parts of the world where help in forming such associations is needed, and in parts of the world where the societies do not presently exist.
  • Participate in ISP co-organized regional and international symposia, workshops and conferences on pathophysiology.
  • Submit manuscripts to Pathophysiology, the official Journal of ISP.

Apply for Membership


  1. Formal letter of application from the Society President.
  2. Copy of the Constitution (and/or By-Laws, Statutes) of the Society in its original language, and an English translation if necessary.
  3. List of the Officers (President, Secretary, Treasurer) currently serving in the Society with their addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.
  4. Up-to-date estimate of the number of members both honorary and dues paying.


  1. Formal letter of application.
  2. Bibliography.
  3. List of publications and citations.