The 9th International Congress of Pathophysiology
Year 2022 | Moscow, Russian Federation

Details will be announced soon.

Last updated on 28 April 2019


ISP congresses

# Year Location President
1st 1991 Moscow, USSR Prof. Kryzhanovsky
2nd 1994 Kyoto, Japan Prof. Oomura
3rd 1998 Lahti, Finland Prof. Hänninen
4th 2002 Budapest, Hungary Prof. Monos
5th 2006 Beijing, China Prof. Qi-de Han
6th 2010 Montreal, Canada Prof. Hamet
7th 2014 Rabat, Morocco Prof. Benjelloun
8th 2018 Bratislava, Slovakia Prof. Pechanova


Name Date Location
The Third Dubrovnik Summer School of Pathophysiology
Understanding the Complexity of Human Pathophysiology
Announcement Poster | Daily Program
17–21 August 2022 Dubrovnik, Croatia
The 30th Anniversary of the ISP
Festive Program | eBook of Abstracts
29–30 November 2021 Bratislava, Slovakia
The Second Dubrovnik Summer School of Pathophysiology
Adaptive Wisdom of Human Body Reactivity
Announcement Poster | Daily Program
26–30 September 2021 Dubrovnik, Croatia
The Centennial Anniversary of Pathophysiology at the Medical School of Zagreb
Announcement Poster | Programme | Opening Ceremony Poster | Closing Ceremony Poster
23–26 October 2020 Dubrovnik, Croatia
The 4th Russo-Croatian Cutting Edge Seminar in Clinical Physiology
26 September 2020 St. Petersburg, Russia; Zagreb, Croatia (online)
From Experimental and Clinical Pathophysiology to the Achievements of Modern Medicine and Pharmacy
The 1st scientific and practical conference for students and young scientists with international participation.
15 May 2019 Kharkov, Ukraine
The 3rd Russo-Croatian Cutting Edge Seminar in Clinical Pathophysiology
20 April 2019 St. Petersburg, Russia